HackPrints 3.0


HackPrints 3.0 is a student community based online hackathon. With compiled minds and codes, gain the skills of communication, team spirit, presentation and the spirit of never giving up. When technology converges with application, that's where innovation comes in.


FootPrints is a National Level Technical Festival, which was incepted in 2001 by Sir C N Murthy. It has been rising in colossal proportions from a mere paper presentation comprising of 30 participants in FootPrints'01 to FootPrints'23 that comprised of myriad competitions, workshops and seminars from the most incurred celebrities.

FootPrints has strived to nurture and enlighten the engineering minds of the country and have thereby earned the repute of an avant-garde technical fiesta. It comprises of exceptional tech and non tech events, tantalizing seminars, startling techzibitions and engaging workshops by virtuosos.

It also works towards upliftment of society under FootPrints Social Responsibilty. At FootPrints we attach a soul, a heart to this grandiose event. Right from the precious little smiles of children, to engraving history in Guinness and Limca book of world records, FSR has all the benevolence. It is been a thrilling journey of Innovation and Experience which is something beyond imagination.



Build a cutting edge web3 application!


Build the next age AI/ML model!

Health Care

Build a futuristic healthcare application!


Build your own metaverse!

Open Innovation

The reins are in your hands, take your imagination wherever you wish to!


Build a trending application in a trending sector!

Social Cause

Build an application to help & give back to the community!


1st Prize

Worth INR 6000+


Goodies, Swags and a Whole Lot More, From Our Lovely Sponsors.

2nd Prize

Worth INR 4000+

3nd Prize

Worth INR 2000+


HackPrint 3.0 begins!

Pitching round at the beginning, in front of mentors and getting your ideas reviewed by them. First filtering of the teams will happen through this round.

23th Feb

Round-1 Ends

Mentor and update sessions where teams will give updates on the application and also seek mentorship on the technical details.

24th Feb

Announcement of teams shortlisted for Round-2

Final presentation in front of judges and showcasing the final application to the panel. Submission of code on the devfolio platform along with code.

25th Feb


The hackathon is free and accessible to anybody interested in taking part.

Participants will need to have a Devfolio account.

You will be submitting your projects on Devfolio itself. You will need to setup a GitHub repository for your project and the link to repository (public repo) should be there. You can also submit working site/application if you have one. Video/screenshots can be uploaded as well.

Yes, you can apply if you do not have team, you can form a team with other individual participants if you want or else you can participate as an individual too.

No You cant't work on your project before the start of hackathon. Your Github commits will be actively monitored and will be checked for plagiarism.

Maximun number of members per team to participate is limited to 4.